Free Ghetto Gaggers Araya Sunshine Black Whore Facially Fucked Video

Araya Sunshine


A’raya Sunshine stupid name but hey it is porn and this the gaggers stock in trade stupid hoes with silly made-up names. We love it. A’raya has a great deepthroat game and loves being out of her depth with cocks making her gag and spew. Being spat on and slapped however is not on her list of likes and she loses the plot momentarily until she gets slapped back down to earth. Attitude-a-plenty equals slappity slap-a-hoy and there there that’s better Araya Sunshine is more pliable and throat fuckable. Top class video to be added to the keepables. A second helping of A’raya Sunshine is unlikely however. Shame.

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Ghetto Gaggers Video Mystique Amor Ebony Hos Throat Gagged Videos

Mystique Amor


Mystique Amor is a first-timer in porn and so obviously this is her first time at the ghetto gaggers and probably her last for both as she was way out of her depth and was not expecting the deepthroat scenes to be so brutally hardcore. Of course you will love it as it is all the usual face slapping spitting in the eyes and general facial abuse and cock gagging as she pukes up all over the place covering everything in her path with a good stream of vomit. Gross yes it is but a fine scene nonetheless and will keep you entertained. Will Mystique Amor be back? Doubtful at best.

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Free Ghetto Gaggers Becca Lee 3 Ebony Bitches Facially Fucked Abuse Video

Becca Lee 3


Becca Lee is back for her third helping of ghetto gaggers goodness! Being the seasoned pro she is by now she knows what’s comin and takes it all in her stride it is almost as if she is enjoying herself which of course the boys don’t want so they double tap this bitch slap her into next week until she has a reality check then back to the throat fucking spit and slap n tickle. Of course there is no tickle in a gaggers video unless the drilldo slamming into a shaved twat is classed as tickling. Epic third installment for the bleached black bitch Becca Lee. Will there be a 4th?

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Free Ghetto Gaggers Passion Rose Black Bitch Deepthroated Fucking Download

Passion Rose


Passion Rose with the assistance of her mother. No shit this is what happens in this video. Hard to believe that a tap-out bitch could make such an amazing video as this. As is the norm with bitches that think they can cope with the deepthroat slap and spit that is Ghetto Gaggers stock-in-trade and more than happy to take the cash but not too willing to put in the work. Passion Rose is just this type of hoe. Her mother however has other ideas and after she quits brings her right back to the studio to finish off the scenes and even sits behind while she gets spat on and slapped back to earth. Top class gaggers video and a collectors edition.

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Ghetto Gaggers Portia Ravani Ebony Sluts Deepthroat Gagged Video

Portia Ravani


Portia Ravani has been around for about 10 years selling her snatch to pay the bills so she is used to this shit by now or so you would think. Unfortunately not. Deep throat is not her speciality up until today that is. Portia Ravani is force fed white cock beef in this video even if she don’t like it which it is apparent she does not. Even though she is a petite hoe she can take some punishment and she is slapped about like a wet blanket in the wind and seems to enjoy it for the first few minutes and then she gets all riled up and loses her wig slap slap slappity slap she is back with us and as quiet and submissive as a mouse. Classic video.

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