Ghetto Gaggers Amani Wett2

Amani Wett is back and honestly… we’re excited. I don’t remember much about the whores I shoot but I do remember Amani being down with the gagging. When other bitches complain Amani just opens her trap and swallows cock. Whoever pimp trained this bitch kudos to you… she’s fine as fuck. You know how we do. When chicks come back we have to throw them a curve ball. We did just that tonight. We paired Amani up with Bootleg and Pauly Harker and both of them brought their A game. Plus I fed that bitch a salad before the shoot so you know once the face fucking started it was an overflow of green puke. This one got messy… really messy. It didn’t stop there the men fucked her in every position. We ran this bitch through the gauntlet. I’m positive you’re going to love this scene.

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