Ghetto Gaggers Video Slap Happy Hoe The Rumors Are True Cum Facial

The Rumors Are True

Cock Gagging

Top class update at ghettogaggers this week. Another fine whore ready for some hole invasion therapy is rolled onto the ‘sofa of doom’. This willing and eager sluts’ orifices are penetrated pummelled and poked as the white cocks of steel are smashed whacked and thrusted into this bitch. She loves every second. She is so pliable and obedient to the point of being almost subservient. Her face is slapped and pounded to oblivion with the incessant barrage of white dick meat thrashing into her throat. Witness the absolute unimagineable mass of fuck knows what that spews out of her gullet. She does obey the every whim of the gaggers mysterious master plan of pink and brown sink-hole destruction and happily accepts the jets of nut paste sprayed all over her face at the finale of a great scene of porn in extremity. Awesome and #noted – this scene has been added as one of the greats and inserted into the purely insane gaggers’ video list.

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Ghetto Gaggers Video Ghettogaggers Beet Root Head Cock Gagging

Beet Root Head

Cum Facial

How unbelievable is this bitch with shocking red hair! She’s big buxom and ready for absolutely anything. Anything is what happens in this video seriously everything imagineable that one can possibly imagine any reasonable whore would do this hoe does indeed do and then some. Top work ethic for a slut that was here to do her bit take the shit take a hit bite down on the bit and all to receive her chit for the service she had to submit. Awesome video it has to be said. Let us hope this hoe comes back for more of the very same soon.

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Black Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Slut Facial The Black Nerd Cum Facial

The Black Nerd

Cock Gagging

What a video for you this week! Everything that could be done to a bitch is done to this streetwalking skank and carried out garnished with bells and whistles and do you know the best part? This slut does not bat an eyelid at anything. Not a murmur of discontent. Not a sniff of get the fuck out of town. Nope this hoe sure knows how to work and the result is a large as life fucked up deepthroat and slap dp anal epic. Get in line flop out junior and sign up up here to witness the totally off the reservation extremes cash-hungry bitches will travel to!

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Ghetto Gaggers Video Sluts Throat Fuck Bt1000 On A Rampage Cum Facial

Bt1000 On A Rampage

Cock Gagging

Wow what a video. This bitch goes all out and loses her cookies after she was told to shut the fuck up. Awesome scenes cock in the throat gag then more screaming slap spit more yelling cussing building up to a crescendo where she goes ballistic and can only be placated when 3 white dudes empty their pearly white cock glue all over her grill. Only then can she leave with her cash. Storming off has been re-defined today. The stomping of the feet is worth just for the lols. A video for the collectors alright!

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Black Ghetto Gaggers Face Cum Video Light Skinned And Rimmed Cum Facial

Light Skinned And Rimmed

Cum Facial

The list of this hoes firsts is here. Brand new to porn first time at gaggers very first threesome first white mans’ sack mouthful and swallow session. This scene has it all and will become a favourite without a shadow of a doubt. Every pump of dick into one of this bitches’ holes resulted in a moan squeal or cry out for more of the same shit.
Sluts like this are rare indeed and it is evident that even though it is her debut in cock swallowing and deep throat in the industry it will NOT be her last. This delightful sweet obedient bitch will be famous for sure.

Do not miss this.

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