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Moesha is back. This tatted up black bitch that obviously loves the Ghetto Gaggers style of fucking so much she came back for more of the same. This time around Moesha gladly takes it up the shitpipe and does an amazingly loud DP session with Moesha screaming so high pitched glass objects almost broke. Seriously this is another class Moesha ghettogaggers video and not one to overlook. Watch Moesha 2 at the ghetto gaggers face fuck frenzy here.
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Double blowjobs pussy slamming ass fucking ass splitting puking slapping spitting in the face cocks in the throat choking. Rinse and repeat. This is the whole scene script and it worked like a charm. Another fine looking slut begging to be abused and throat fucked at the ghettogaggers again here today. No sass no shit attitude shenaningans – kneel down get face fucked gag and puke on the cocks in her mouth. She simply bends over takes the cocks in the money holes then picks up her payment after cleaning off the cock glue dried to her face and forehead of course. In essence she plain old got the job done.
Face chock full of jizz yeah?
This is how it ended.
Err the middle bit?
Well go take a looksie and see for yourself. Loud and messy will give you a clue.

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As Professor Peach says ‘I like ’em big’ he would be in his element here as this bitch is big and in keeping with her cartoon character stylee with that crazy fuckin’ do she got goin on there she gets her throat pecked and drilled into oblivion. There is absolutely not a thing left in this hoes belly to throw up as each time a cock was in her face and throat it forced out another stream of disgusting whatever the fuck she had been eating. Whatever was in her insides was all over the place by the time the video shoot was done. She gets her ass smashed and her pink slit is chewed up like an Indy 500 wreck and culminating in a nice long action-packed video too.

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A fine looking hoe turned up today and was fucked upside her head good and proper. Let me tell you how the story pans out. A street walking skank shows up expecting an easy ride – believing it would be a short session of blow jobs and maybe a quick fuck with a mild mannered John who is a bit lax in the domination department – a guy that is happy and grateful to be allowed to just cum accepting some bitches’ righteous bullshit.
Not what happened here. All the slapping spitting face fucking throat gargling and choking on cocks noises are for real. This bitch was outclassed and shown a ‘good’ time for sure. Will she be back? Who the fuck cares. Enjoy!

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This big bitch loves to eat the sausages stuffed in to her face here today. Swallow ’em up and begs for more. ‘Please let me have the sauce too’ she pleads with an absolutely convincingly begging for cock type of look as she gets double fucked slapped and spat on. Enough is not enough for this hoe and begs for fruit and veg to be added to her feast of dick. Stuffed full of cucumber and this bitch is getting her daily intake vitamin D and veg in buckets. If you like your bitches on the hefty side and taking on all comers in all holes available then this is a video for you to not miss. Classic gaggers.