A Ghetto Gaggers Video Black History Month Week 3 Starring A Skank Whore In A Deep Throat Cock Gagged Movie

Deep Throat

Black History Month Week 3

Another classic addition in the gaggers repertoire this will no doubt become. She was quizzed with some stupid fucking questions at the get-go. Boy did she suck! Yup she did she got the quiz wrong mostly so that meant she gets slapped spat on and deep throated harshly as her ‘punishment’.
The quiz questions she got right she gets slapped spat on and deep throated harshly as her reward. She could not win but hey she don’t give a flying fuck she left with her check in her sweaty palm and all was right with the world. Essential viewing this one.

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Ebony Slut Collared Up And Ready To Play Whore Deep Throated Video


Collared Up And Ready To Play

Woah tasty little hoodrat bitch with tats spelled right must be one of them college edumacated types. Yup she loved the abuse and the throat fucking she even went as far as not screaming during the DP anal and ass to mouth. This bitch is a keeper if she is your phone. Hopefully she will be back for more of the very same sooner rather than later. Thanks for watching. Download this awesome gaggers video click ‘Download’ and join in the fun!

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Ghetto Gaggers Video Titles Black History Month Week 2 Featuring A Dirty Hoodbooger Bitch DP’d


Black History Month Week 2

A tall bitch rolls onto the sofa this week and gets decimated double fucked throated A2M and bukkake’d. All in all a good day was had by all except of course this willing but apprehensive hoe. She was not too amused with the goings on but as needs must she is bound to continue with the deep throat fucking shenanigans and face her demons. In this case her demons are three white dudes with woodies that are eager to pound sloppy wet holes and have a penchant for throat fucking and jettisoning cock batter all over a sluts’ face. Bukkake! Nice. Her gaping ass and the ass to mouth is a must see scene.
Watch It Now!

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Ebony Hoe Starring In A Black History Month Week 1 Video A Cheap Whore Multiple Cock Bukkake Facials

Throat Gag

Black History Month Week 1

A classic ghettogaggers video for sure and what a treat is in store for you watching these beautiful full dick sucking lips wrapped around the white boys dicks and going deep deep down her throat passed her gag reflex button and then the shlop noise as a huge spew gusher erupts and politely she catches it all in the whore bowl under her chin. She aint a messy deep throating bitch she likes to keep it clean after all she is an obedient slut and needs the cash monies real bad. Kneeling now and stomach empty obviousy starving but knowing the end is in sight she obediently and patiently waits to accept the jizz loads being splashed across her face. Not a happy hoe on this scene after the three dudes sac loads are fired into her eyes however so finally she could let go of her anguish and frustration. Checkout time. Gone. Awesome.

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Ebony Hoes’ Appearance In Unnatural Selection A Desperate Deepthroat Gag Video

Cum Facial

Unnatural Selection

You like it rough fast and hard. Shit yea she says. Well then are you in the right place. Only hardcore lovin’ bitches need apply for the role of cock gagging puking and slap happy cum splatter assistants. Yup this slut does exactly what it says on the tin. Deep throat gag DP suck schlong deeply and puke whilst being slapped and spat on. Total give it up video every orifice was smashed by cocks and she gushed puke like a storm drain as each cock was thrust in her face. Bukkake a licious later to come and sure enough she lapped this up too. Watch the end cum facials scene and the relief appearing over her face that this intense throat fucking up video was over. She got paid and she earned it for sure.

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