Skinny Ebony Bitch An 85lb Hood Hoe Cock Hungry Slut Deepthroat Choking Video

Throat Gag

Hood Mouse

An easy going hoodrat with a Mickey Mouse ears pom-pom hairstyle shows up today gets fucked up good behaved herself was totally obedient did as she was told took all the cocks in her throat and holes without any complaining or sass.
This bitch is a perfect and pliable dick socket and makes a great video here.
Puking over the cocks invading her throat during the deepthroating but she knew this was gonna happen and most of the ejectile was pure bile – she had not eaten much. All was captured with the whore bowl of course and saved for later. Double fucked slapped and spat on while being deep throat fucked in rotation getting full fee value was the plan. Everything went according to this plan and then comes the final bukkake cum on her face scene and here comes the whore bowl which is poured all over her face. Top class she can come back anytime soon please.

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An Ebony Sluts’ Weave Loses It’s Glue In This Hungry Hoe Cum Facials Video

Cum Facial

Weave Glue Disappearance

This bitch gets face fucked so deep and hard down her throat her wig is forced to fly off. Disbelievers can scoff of course but this is yet another true ghetto gaggers story which unfolds before your very eyes. Watch this hoe struggle with the hardcore deep throat slapping and the incessant cock throat spew up routine. The entirety of her innards splashed all over hereself the floor and thankfully mostly into the whore bowl for the epic if not very sloppy finale. Epic.

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Black Bitches Rise Up And Take A Knee Easy Pussy Multiple Cum Facials Free Video

Throat Gag

Rise Up And Take A Knee

Once upon a time in Hookertown Sassville a sassy sista shuffles onto the sofa of service to make some cash to pay them damned bills. She does not want to be here but then what bitch that rents out her uterus does want to actually be there?
On to the action.
The cock evading slut attempts all the usual suspects of actual work avoidance and fails. Slapped and spat on and made to kneel as there are three whitey dicks slamming her throat.
Up next her holes are smashed DP and vomiting ensues. Non-stop throat fucking and genital abuse is the menu for today. Forced to offer up her face for the bukkake scene is next and boy is she fuming. Tough titties bitch this ain’t the minor leagues this is the ghetto gaggers and you are here on your own volition so suck it up – literally.
Watch the amazing end scene and see the seething hatred of man jizz for real. Top class.

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Sassy Ebony Slut Starring In We Wuz Kangs Angry Slut Bukkake Cum Facial Video

Cum Facial

We Wuz Kangs

Sassy as fuck this bitch was. The operative word is ‘was’ there did you see how we did that haha? Yeah she started off all a sassin’ and a cussin’ and then cocks in her face gag and puke. Not a fucking word after that. Excellent strategem for the training of hoes in being pliable and obedient and to do as they are told without questioning the Monsters of the Gag-iverse. Slapped into next week and choc-a-bloc full of cock the slut is quiet and kneels patiently waiting for the six sacs of slimy white dick sludge to dry out on her forehead and face. Only then she is allowed to pick up her payment and get the fuck out of there. Rocking video not to be missed!

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Black Bitch Chains And An Old Fashioned Hymnal Horny Hoe Deep Gag Video

Deep Throat

Chains And An Old Fashioned Hymnal

In this video update she appears to be enjoying her work a little too much. Whoa! What you say a hoe that likes the cock? What is her number would be the cry.
Yup she is into being obedient and doing exactly as she is instructed. Gagging on the dicks that are roughly shoved into her throat and down her gullet.
‘Hughie!’ and a jet of bile is ejected and collected easily by the whore bowl for later use. This bitch loves it and nothing phases her so it seems. The finale of course is the bukkake facial scene we all love that and so does she.
Three white dudes empty their sacs all over this bitches’ face and she swallows the fucking lot. Awesome sauce she says. Yummy.

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