Ghetto Gaggers Video Face Fuck Extreme Derailment In Slow Motion Cum Facial

Derailment In Slow Motion

Throat Gag

To say this bitch was passive obedient and pliable would be an understatement. She loved every second of this video being fucked upside her head spat on slapped and jizzed all over by three white boy porridge pipes. 18 years old to boot although you could never tell with this hoes’ expertise in the cock department.

It seemed like the action was all over in a flash but boy was this some action to witness. All the usual suspects will love this shit lap it up and beg for more. Without a doubt this slut will be back for round two train wreck sometime soon. Watch this space.

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Ghetto Gaggers Video Cum Facials Django Chained Deepthroat

Django Chained

Cock Gagging

Hot video scene right from the get-go here. This hoe loved to be tied up to a stool skull fucked spat on and slapped around until she was begging for the cock splurge to engulf her face and she could pick up her check and it would all be over. Unfortunately it was not over soon enough for her. Absolutely not finished oh no not before she had to endure being double fucked and throat pummeled gut bile and vomit a splashing in the whore bowl earmarked for later in the video as can be expected. You will enjoy this video if you like watching sluts being out of their depth and pushed to their limits. Classic and not to be missed.

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Ghetto Gaggers Bukkake Cumshot Oprah And Michael Strahan Deepthroat

Oprah And Michael Strahan


This hoe tries her utmost to keep the innards inwardly inside and not spill a drop of vomit as the white dicks pummel her throat and face. She succeeds until right at the end you can just see that she is about to explode and the puke try as she might will jettison all over the cocks as indeed the white face paste shoots onto her forehead and all over her weave. Fantastic video with a bitch that knows how to handle dick and deep throat. Big beyatch frightening even but pliable and willing to work hard for her dollar. Last scene you see her sitting silently serene maybe in disgust covered in spit and cock glue – contemplating what just happened.

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Ghetto Gaggers Video Face Slapping Not One Ounce Of Sass Throat Gag

Not One Ounce Of Sass

Deep Throat

Another episode in the gaggers domain of throatfuckdom. Yes one more streetwalking skank shows herself on the gaggers leather sofa to have her tonsils polished as the white cocks slide into her gullet for some deepthroat spunk shooting action. This hoe does not like the cock too far down her throat as she will make her lunch show itself like magic straight into the whore bowl to be used later of course to cover her shamed face in jizz vomit spit and bile. Classic Ghetto Gaggers.

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Free Ghetto Gaggers Kennedy Monroe 2 Black Slut Throatfucking Abuse Videos

Kennedy Monroe 2


Kennedy Monroe returns for part II with brand new D cup titties very nice too! An amazing video with just about anything you can possibly imagine going off here. It is plain as day that Kennedy Monroe out and out enjoys her work and totally blasts it out the park when being smashed to fuck by two white dicks. Awesome body delicious tits and a penchant for deep throating makes a bitch 100% guaranteed super-stardom and bound for repeat visits any time she fucking likes at the ghetto gaggers cock gag puke central.

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