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Abrianna is unbelievable in that she is a total waste of fucking space whore the Ghetto Gaggers ghetto hoes pussy banging boys had the displeasure to bang. Disappointing Abrianna should be her name and her Johns will probably agree as she does as little as is humanly possible for the most amount of cash she can get her useless skank hands upon. Enjoy this Ghetto Gaggers Abrianna video as this useless bitch will not be back for more.

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Fabree is amazing and makes her cheap ghetto ass hole wide open and available for our delight and for the whole night at the Ghetto Gaggers black whore pussy and ass hammering hotel. Fabree is interestd in going further in porn and wishes to make her ebony pussy and ass a ‘brand’ or some other inane shit where she gets an idea like is this is unknown. The Ghetto Gaggers show Fabree the real deal and make her puke up her guts on several occasions. Her ass is gaped and split to fuck Holland Tunnel wide open as the line of cocks pounds away at her innards. Classic gaggers and not be missed.

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Carla Chillz was most certainly NOT chilled for this edition of the Ghetto Gaggers ebony ass and wet juicy black pussy battering crew. Carla Chillz gets fucked up good she is antiqued with the powder whilst being teamed by the Ghetto Gaggers boys who are out to destroy Carla Chillz and her holes. It works she is now an official ghetto gagger bitch. Will Carla Chillz be back for more Ghetto Gaggers? Let us hope so!

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Phatcheeks is a hot wet and tasty black asian slut and she just hated the time she spent with the Ghetto Gaggers black beyatch pussy and arse battering face fucking maniacs who attempt to completely destroy this mixed black moaning bitch. They succeed. Even with all the stops and starts this bitch attempts the deepthroating Ghetto Gaggers crew and Phatcheeks produce yet another classic throat destruction gagging and puking video not to be overlooked. Phatcheeks has a fine ebony booty to match her name and this gets spread wide open as the ghettogaggers team go to fucking town on her wet tight holes. Watch here.

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Deja is face fucked, pure and simple. Dog collar, slapping, spitting and puke, she gets the full-on no holds barred throat fucking and facial abuse this bitch loves it. Deja is cute and with a face full of cock jizz she is double fucked by two crazy white dudes at GhettoGaggers .com throat gag empire, where black ghetto hoes get a slight attitude adjustment. This is one of the better ghetto gaggers videos and this ghetto slut swallows the loads of white cock paste them bad ghetto gaggers empty into her throat.

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