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A well paid blonde ebony skank gets fucked upside her head and loves every fucking second of it. Non-stop slobber bile and vomit seeping from this bitches pie hole as her throat was rained down by white cock with the sole intention of fucking up her day. It almost succeeded too but fortunately this hoe is a professional and knows when to keep her sass to herself. Hats off to this bitch she slams it home hard on this one and makes an unforgettable video. Finale facial scene was awesome. A face full of cum covered in nasty spew spit and bile time to go see ya next time bitch! Cool.

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Insane this video can only be described as – make no mistake – it is the usual gaggers fare as the hoe on the sofa this week is treated to mega throat pussy and ass abuse. This bitch is a first time gagger which means there will be tears puke and lots and lots of spitting slapping and spewing. There is a twist to this video to push it over to the OTT section of porn the unwitting whore that decided to show up gets tarred and feathered. Un-be-fucking-lievably crazy assed scene this turns into with the full-on clucking noises to accompany the gagging noises the ass slapping as she gets DP’d to fuck and the incessant slapping around the chops as she is pounded in all of her holes by 2 cocks at once and becomes a new pliable hoe that will do anything she is told. Unreal it sounds for sure but believe it baby this shit is out there and a video that is just too hard to not watch more than once. It will become one of your faves absolutely no question. Love it.

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Today Jamie Sullivan arrives at the ghetto gaggers for the first time. She is 19 but looks older and as you will learn has all to do with her lifestyle. Jamie Sullivan is apparently a porn star although a quick google will tell you otherwise. No matter anyway as this is a cool video with all the usual gaggers shit goin on by the shed load. Usually in her hood uterus rental service Jamie Sullivan would not be expected to be slapped to shit spat on and then made to puke as cock after cock is rammed into her throat. Oh well just another ghettogaggers day then and what we have come to expect. Jamie Sullivan will be back be sure of that as after all who does not like watching a 19 year old getting her pussy fucked up good?

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Yummy has a huge fine pair of titties and is smoking hot and ready to trot. This stripper slut has not done any porn before however it does not show and what a debut in porn this is for Yummy! Everything she was told to do was not a problem and she coped with it easily. Slapping and spitting she took it in her stride. Wide open and willing to take the cocks down her throat and into her hot tight shaved snatch. Top gaggers video with so many pause and slow down moments! One very messy video later Yummy is sitting there with a face full of nut porridge dripping off her chin a sly smirk knowing she just earned her fee and will be back for more soon…
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Layla Ray is back but who can remember her first shoot? Nobody however this scene will blow you away! This has to be one of the most hardcore nasty puke inducing could not think of anything more disgusting to do with vomit spit bile and cock sludge. Even the Japanese would be hard pushed and find it a struggle to top the shit happening in this video! Nasty nasty nasty but fucking AWESOME and you will not forget it any time soon. This video is the things that nightmares are made of and will push you over the edge of reality it is this amazing. We do know of course that Layla Ray comes back for another shot at the title of the ‘Best Gaggers Video Ever’. This is damn close!

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