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Olivia Rain

Olivia Rain Ghetto Gaggers Video


Olivia Rain is only 19 does not look it by the way and is more than capable to handle a cock deep deep down her throat. Olivia Rain it seems does not like sex too much which is not very weird for a street whore as maybe most hoes hate their job and wish for other skills to be doing something far more enjoyable better career prospects and a lot less cum…anyway back to Olivia Rain and her hatred of cock. Bootleg makes sure she gets her face filled with his dick and pushed it as far down her throat as it will go. It of course all goes in she gags a little but copes easily enough. But wait spitting well that winds her up no end and in an attempt to not ruin the video for you Olivia Rain just gets so riled up when she gets spat this video.

Deepthroat ebony facial Ghetto Gaggers Videos

Black Ghetto Hood Slut Yummy 2 Gaggers Deep Throat Intense Vomit Cumshot Facial Video Download

Yummy 2

Yummy 2 Ghetto Gaggers Video


Yummy is back for her second visit to the ghettogaggers but really who gives a shit if we are honest if the first video was anything to go by. However it is NOT as this video goes that one step beyond gross and abusive onto another planet of gross-ity-ness which is not a word but should be after this scene with a shit ton of belly funk pouring out of this whore almost it seems constantly. A cock goes in a funnel shaped jet of vomit shoots out. Yummy has made a collectable video at the gaggers this time round and if you like your shit gross and messy then this is one for you. Oh and she gets slapped to shit spat on and double throated and fucked just for good measure. Enjoy!

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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Layla Ray2 Gaggers Throat Fucked Intense Hurl Over White Dicks Video Download

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Layla Ray is back but who can remember her first shoot? Nobody however this scene will blow you away! This has to be one of the most hardcore nasty puke inducing could not think of anything more disgusting to do with vomit spit bile and cock sludge. Even the Japanese would be hard pushed and find it a struggle to top the shit happening in this video! Nasty nasty nasty but fucking AWESOME and you will not forget it any time soon. This video is the things that nightmares are made of and will push you over the edge of reality it is this amazing. We do know of course that Layla Ray comes back for another shot at the title of the ‘Best Gaggers Video Ever’. This is damn close!

Ebony Ghetto Hoe Cock Gagging Porn Video Ghetto Gaggers Layla Ray2
Layla Ray2 Ghetto Gaggers

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Deepthroat ebony facial Ghetto Gaggers Videos

Ebony Ghetto Hood Whore Kay Love Destinee Jackson Deep Throating Gaggers Extreme Cock Gag Puke & Spew Vid

Ghetto Gaggers Kay Love Destinee Jackson Whole Videos Download

Kay Love and Destinee Jackson together in the same room on the same sofa getting fucked up with the same cocks swallowing cock gagging spitting slapping and puking all over each other the cocks and even the sofa takes a beating. One of the finest videos produced by the ghetto gaggers in a while. It gets messy real fast and there is just so much going on in this video it is hard to keep up. Slow it down on replay to take in all the sights and absorb the absolute insane intensity of these 2 bitches going at it. Amazing lots more of this please!

Ghetto Ebony Slut Deepthroat Gagging Video Ghetto Gaggers Kay Love Destinee Jackson
Kay Love Destinee Jackson Ghetto Gaggers

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Deepthroat ebony facial Ghetto Gaggers Video

Black Ghetto Slut Destinee Jackson Gaggers Face Fucking Hard Spew Gagging Videos

Ghetto Gaggers Destinee Jackson All Video Download

Destinee Jackson is a smoking hot ghetto slut and will do absolutely anything for cash. This is a fact proven in this scene! Destinee Jackson can deep throat cock like them circus balloon swallowing freaks from fuck knows where. Ass pipe was slam dunked so many times blown the fuck wide open spit slap gag and some more. Anything you care to think of is in this video. Destinee Jackson is petite and just loves to rumble and tumble with as many cocks as she can into all of tight little slippery holes. Excellent video and not to be missed.

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Destinee Jackson Ghetto Gaggers

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