Ghetto Gaggers Ashlynn Sixxx 2

Ashlynn Sixxx is back. I think I cracked the code this time. I think the Sixxx in her name refers to the amount of teeth she’s missing. Aside from that she’s pretty hot. The first time she was here she worked with Bootleg only. Today she’s paired up with Pauly Harker and David The Landscaper Loso. Both guys went apeshit on her mouth/throat. They tried but this chick didn’t want to spill her guts. So they just slapped the shit out of her instead. LOL… she definitely isn’t into getting slapped around and spit on. This bitch was also bragging about her tight cunt. For once the whore didn’t lie. She has a real nice tight box that stretched wide open to fit the big cocks. Like Ice Cube said Today was a good day

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