Ghetto Gaggers Bella Doll

Bella Doll has deep rooted emotional issues… so much so that she hurts herself. She’s a cutter. When I asked her about it she just started crying. Mmmm… that made Jimmy’s dick nice and hard. I told her that Uncle Bootleg would help her work out her problems with a quality face fuck. By the end of the session her throat was trashed… just like her innocence. Watching her inhale Bootleg’s cock was emotional for me too. She was dead inside from beginning to end. I imagine this was how it was when whoever stole her soul many years back. Jimmy has a heart but also a job to do… so we went on full force. To break her spirit even more we dumped a massive pile of puke on her head. The shame washed over her in the form of her stomach contents. We’re not finished yet… after that ordeal Bootleg nailed her tight black ass fast and hard. She’s only been butt fucked once before and let’s just say that it wasn’t planned. Having her ass walls stretched open brought back some more miserable memories. Who cares?

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