Ghetto Gaggers Madison Monroe

Madison Monroe came in and I was like wow She speaks English I think it’s absolutely hot when a black chick can form a proper grammatically correct sentence. I also noticed milk in those titties So you know what that means. We busted out the breast pump. After we milked those utters we made her drink it. How priceless is that. Then we fucked her face real good. That’s when shades of the hood came out. I knew she couldn’t keep it in forever. But as our loyal fans know the more hood attitude you give the more white hand you get. That’s how you learn these hood bitches. Then she got her pussy drilled and told us she is only doing this to get back at her baby daddy. I was like Whoa that’s not cool but hey not my bitch not my problem. Then we all nutted on her face. 3 loads at least and then we shot some rotten milk in her face being that we were on a milk theme. Hey it does a body good

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