Ghetto Gaggers Ms Marshae

I guess hell froze over… Ms Marshae is a pretty well known BBW porn star who pretty much swore off Ghetto Gaggers and with good reason. We weren’t sweating it because we know we’ll get them eventually. Once the whore money dries up and the last trick walks out the door and the looming rent bill finally comes crashing down then we gotcha Anyway Ms Marshae may be a name in the porn biz but we couldn’t care less. We still gave her the full on Ghetto Gaggers treatment. Seriously this girl should be thanking us for making her barf up those calories. She probably lost 3 pounds working with us. Sure that’s a stone in the ocean when you weigh nearly 300 pounds but every marathon starts with taking a single step. Be on the lookout for our latest porn movie – the puke pillow (patent pending).

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