Ghetto Gaggers Video Slap Happy Hoe The Rumors Are True Cum Facial

The Rumors Are True

Cock Gagging

Top class update at ghettogaggers this week. Another fine whore ready for some hole invasion therapy is rolled onto the ‘sofa of doom’. This willing and eager sluts’ orifices are penetrated pummelled and poked as the white cocks of steel are smashed whacked and thrusted into this bitch. She loves every second. She is so pliable and obedient to the point of being almost subservient. Her face is slapped and pounded to oblivion with the incessant barrage of white dick meat thrashing into her throat. Witness the absolute unimagineable mass of fuck knows what that spews out of her gullet. She does obey the every whim of the gaggers mysterious master plan of pink and brown sink-hole destruction and happily accepts the jets of nut paste sprayed all over her face at the finale of a great scene of porn in extremity. Awesome and #noted – this scene has been added as one of the greats and inserted into the purely insane gaggers’ video list.

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