Black Ghetto Ho Alexis Mitchell Deep Throat Gaggers Ultimate Choke With Cock Vid

Created By ghettogaggers

Alexis Mitchell is excellent at blowing the white pork sword. This black bitch swallowed the lot and still had room for more cock so deepthroat is the ace card in the Alexis Mitchell hand but being slapped and spit on is not something she takes kindly to! Watch this hoe getting pissed as she gets more facial abuse face slapping and spitting this is like a red rag to a bull for Alexis Mitchell and this alone makes this Ghetto Gaggers black slut face fuck video a classic in it’s own right. Not a video to be missed. Watch Alexis Mitchell at the ghettogaggers here and see this 100 pound ebony spinner bitch going ballistic.

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Dirty Ghetto Bitch Queen Gaggers Deep Throating Ultimate Vomit Over A Cock Free Video

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Queen is cute yes she is but can she take the abuse at the black slut Ghetto Gaggers home of hardcore deepthroat? Nope. All of the whole of this video you will see a hot black bitch wanting to tap out moaning as the cock is forcibly inserted deep into her throat and then she pukes. Queen is overwhelmed by the white cock and boy does it show. Guessing she won’t be back for more of the same as this episode is just too much for her. Queen earned her fee well and got through the slapping spitting and facial abuse but it is not something she will look back on and think yeah that was fun. Download the Queen Ghetto Gaggers video here and see for yourself just how out of her depth she is. Awesome!

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Nasty Ghetto Hood Whore Scarlet Ray Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Severe Deepthroated Spew Movie

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Scarlet Ray is smoking hot and not one of the usual Ghetto Gaggers skanks desperate for cash but a fine looking slut without the sass. Scarlet Ray of course does not like the abuse she has to endure for the cash monies and she absolutely did not enjoy puking all over herself almost constantly as the white cock is being rammed into her throat. Slapping she does not apppreciate being slapped but for her first time at the ghetto gaggers has made a great impression. Will she come back for seconds? Only time will tell. Watch Scarlet Ray here.

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Skank Ghetto Hood Whore Divinity Divine Deep Throating Gaggers Hardcore Puke Over Dicks Movie Download

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Divinity Divine is one sexy little black bitch and for a street walking hoe sure does like the cocks. Divinity Divine gets her third visit made into an epic episode of face fucking DP cock gag and puke. Almost all the length of this video she is being gagged by white dicks and double penetrated but does she fucking love it! She has a smoking tight petite booty that looks good enough to eat and looks great with white cock jammed in it. Watch Divinity Divine on her previous visits here.
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Black Ghetto Hood Slut London Storm Deepthroat Fucked Gaggers Excessive Spewing Bukakke Facial Vid

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London Storm sure is cute and petite with a smoking tight little body. Yea she has lots of stretch marks but you can just see she was a hot little bitch days gone by. Today however she is in for a deep throat treat she has two white dicks pounding the fuck out of her face and the same cocks fucking her pussy and that tight little black ass in rotation. London Storm pukes up almost constantly as the cocks are rammed deeply in to her throat. She is good at blowjobs and it shows and she enjoys bouncing her tight little booty on the cocks in her holes and you can see she has had lots of practice doing this in her street walking whore employment. Exellent London Storm Ghetto Gaggers video download here.

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Nasty Ghetto Whore Kennedy Monroe Gaggers Deep Throat Fucked Ultimate Puking Cumshot Facials Video

Created By ghettogaggers

Kennedy Monroe is cute and petite and sure does like the cash dollar but what whore does not like the green? Anyway in this video Kennedy Monroe is pushed to her limit and beyond she becomes over fucking whelmed with the cocks in her throat this type of shit does not happen to me I am a special slut. Nope! You are a bitch that rents out her uterus for cash which equals you are a whore simply put. What an excllent update this is in the amazing Ghetto Gaggers video collection. Watch this horny little ebony bitch in action here.

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Ghetto Gaggers Jacqui Banks Revisited

Created By ghettogaggers

Possibly for the first time in ten years of GhettoGaggers there has not been a weekly update and unless there is a mistake a re-run of Jacqui Bank’s video from October 4th 2011 has been announced as an update. Hopefully this is an error.


Black Ghetto Hood Whore Maryjane Deep Throating Gaggers Excessive Cock Gag Puke Video

Created By ghettogaggers

First and last-timer for Maryjane at the Ghetto Gaggers black bitch deep throat depot. Mary Jane well she may look hot and quite fuckable but apparently this whore is a pig and not worth the effort. The video scenes that were shot though were of high quality face slapping spitting and some exellent deep throat and puking. The final part of the video is the best as this slut sits down to receive her bukkake facial and then she gets part of her fee and is ushered out of the door or told to get the fuck out and quick!

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Ebony Ghetto Whore Juicy Jade Gaggers Deep Throating Ultimate Cock Gag Puke Free Movie

Created By ghettogaggers

Juicy Jade was not expecting to be totally fucking destroyed by the ghetto gaggers. This is her first time and is one of the most hardcore brutal face fucking slapping videos you are likely to see. Juicy Jade puked up incessantly as the cocks pounded deep in to her throat. She was then made to sit down as three white guys emptied their balls over her face and hair. Awesome ending as Juicy Jade is sitting there with a face full of white mans nut paste drying out on her mouth forehead and face Classic video watch the Juicy Jade at the Ghetto Gaggers here.

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Horny Ghetto Bitch Jayden Starr Gaggers Deep Throating Excessive Vomiting Bukakke Porn

Created By ghettogaggers

Wow is Jayden Starr back with a vengeance or what? This time around at the Ghetto Gaggers Jayden Starr does some seriously fucked up shit all involving her ass and pussy at the same time. Yes of course all the usual slapping spitting and gagging puking on cocks deep throating her but extra stuff like fist fucking her anally then fist fucking her pussy while fucking her ass DP hardcore style. This video has the lot and much more do not miss out on the Jayden Starr third visit it is a classic!

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