Black Ghetto Hood Slut Alexis Mitchell Deepthroat Fucked Gaggers Hardcore Hurl Over White Dicks Video Download

Created By ghettogaggers

Alexis Mitchell apparently has not had much sex in her lifetime that is hard to believe for a hardened street walking slut. In this scene she gets her asspipe well and truly broken into as two of the gaggers boys pummel her ass and pussy at the same time. Alexis Mitchell does not puke hardly at all which also seems to negate her statement of lack of sexual experience. No matter this is true hardcore Ghetto Gaggers style and another fine addition to the huge catalogue of face fucking and abuse videos concentrating on black whores selling their shit cheap. Download the Alexis Mitchell Ghetto Gaggers video here.
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Ebony Ghetto Bitch Nicki B Deep Throated Gaggers Excessive Puking On Many Cocks Vid

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Nicki B is smokin hot and not the usual street skank that lands at the Ghetto Gaggers face fucking frat. Nicki B also does just about anything that she is told to do. Tongue up his ass double fucking her holes while her throat gets so much abuse the dog bowl is required to be in play to catch all of that puke shooting out from her face. An added bonus is that Nicki B is a screamer too just to add that extra bit of audio effect to this awesome video.
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Horny Ghetto Hoe Lola Monroe Gaggers Throat Gag Hard Choke On Dicks Video

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Lola Monroe looks quite cute for a cheap street walking skank slut. Fortunately for her she has a vagina so that makes her slightly useful other than that she is a useless whore. Watch this epic Ghetto Gaggers video and see Lola Monroe spew up the contents of her stomach all over herself and the cocks fucking her throat.
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Gia Marie Gaggers Throat Fucking Abuse Puke Gagging Movie

Created By ghettogaggers

Gia Marie is a cash hungry hoe and does not like to be face fucked too much. Gia Marie hates doing anything work-related it seems she just wants to take the dollars and do nothing. In this video her attitude was forciby altered by having some rock hard white meat pipe inserted into her throat deep. Puke she empties the contents of her stomach on several occasions and does not enjoy sitting in her own vomit and bile. But then who does? Another classic Ghetto Gaggers scene. Download the Gia Marie ghettogaggers video here.
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Diva Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Intense Spew On White Dick Movie

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Diva was one of the first to be filmed by the Ghetto Gaggers crew way back in 2004 when the scenes were all shot in a sleazy hotel room. 18 years old Diva is hot that’s for sure and appears to enjoy getting her holes filled with white poles. The parts she does not seem to take to are the brutal face fucking spitting in her grill and the slapping she just cannot cope with. The last part of the video is the ultimate in degradation where we see three white dudes emptying their porridge pouches all over her grimacing unhappy face. Download the whole uncensored Diva at ghettogaggers video here.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Dirty Ghetto Hood Whore Moesha3 Deepthroat Fucked Gaggers Hard Spewing Bukakke Facial Movie Download

Created By ghettogaggers

Moesha returns for her third visit and this is a doozy! Completely insane slapping spitting and double tapping of this bitches ass and pussy. The gaggers crew have to go further than they did on her last visit and this time around she gets manacled with heavy chains and dog collared. Moesha loved it all and wonders why all her Johns don’t do the same then she could have a great time the same as she did today and it shows. Download all of the Moesha videos here at the Ghetto Gaggers here.

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Ebony Ghetto Hood Whore Mint Face Fuck Gaggers Severe Puking On White Cocks Video Download

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Mint has huge tits and a booty that is crying out to be fucked and of course the Ghetto Gaggers black slut throat fuck crew do just that and then some. Apparently this shoot took six hours to complete with the hard core deep throat and puking Mint was just not a happy hoodrat. Mint is forced to complete the video set whether she wanted to or not. She signed up for a job so is expected to complete it. This whore spews so much stomach mush as the cocks are rammed into her gullet she wants to tap out but she gets slapped to fuck until she behaves. This scene eventually works out and another classic movie is produced. Download the ghetto gaggers Mint video here.

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Horny Ghetto Hood Slut Zahara Storm Deep Throated Gaggers Abuse Puke With Multi Cocks Videos

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This is Zahara Storm and she is a horny skank slut that is visiting the gaggers crew today behind her husbands back. He does not know she is getting face fucked until she pukes slapped around like there is no tomorrow and she will not tell him because guess what she fucking loves it all. The puking over the cocks and the boys spitting in her face all while being DP’d is right up her dank dark alley. In fact this whore finds it difficult to cum unless she is being abused slapped about and treated like a cheap ghetto hoe. Which of course she is. Download the whole uncensored and uncut Zahara Storm video at ghettogaggers here.

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Black Ghetto Ho Alexis Mitchell Deep Throat Gaggers Ultimate Choke With Cock Vid

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Alexis Mitchell is excellent at blowing the white pork sword. This black bitch swallowed the lot and still had room for more cock so deepthroat is the ace card in the Alexis Mitchell hand but being slapped and spit on is not something she takes kindly to! Watch this hoe getting pissed as she gets more facial abuse face slapping and spitting this is like a red rag to a bull for Alexis Mitchell and this alone makes this Ghetto Gaggers black slut face fuck video a classic in it’s own right. Not a video to be missed. Watch Alexis Mitchell at the ghettogaggers here and see this 100 pound ebony spinner bitch going ballistic.

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Dirty Ghetto Bitch Queen Gaggers Deep Throating Ultimate Vomit Over A Cock Free Video

Created By ghettogaggers

Queen is cute yes she is but can she take the abuse at the black slut Ghetto Gaggers home of hardcore deepthroat? Nope. All of the whole of this video you will see a hot black bitch wanting to tap out moaning as the cock is forcibly inserted deep into her throat and then she pukes. Queen is overwhelmed by the white cock and boy does it show. Guessing she won’t be back for more of the same as this episode is just too much for her. Queen earned her fee well and got through the slapping spitting and facial abuse but it is not something she will look back on and think yeah that was fun. Download the Queen Ghetto Gaggers video here and see for yourself just how out of her depth she is. Awesome!

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