Black Ghetto Bitch Belle Deep Throat Fucked Gaggers Abuse Choking Blowjob Video

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Belle is brand new to the porn world and she is excellent at deepthroat already. Here at the Ghetto Gaggers throat fucking fiesta she excels and is given the thumbs up by the double cock black bitch gagging crew. Spew she does that is she slapped yes she is slapped to tomorrow do they spit on this bitch you can bet your last dollar they do. Belle laps it up and almost seems to enjoy being abused and treated like total dogshit. Something to do with her dodgy past and earlier life made her very submissive and obedient is that a bad thing? Watch this classic Belle ghettogaggers video here.

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Skank Ghetto Ho Astaris Borne Gaggers Throat Fucked Hardcore Cock Gag Puke & Spew Movie Download

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Oh man what a class act Astaris Borne truly is. She arrived thinking this was gonna be a big picnic and thought that the
Ghetto Gaggers black whore deep throating demons were gonna buy her some ice-cream or something. Hell no! But what did happen was Astaris Borne (cool name – lol) swallowed all of them there white boys meat sticks whole and did a fucking awesome job of it too. She receives all the normal slapping and spitting and finishes off of course with the multiple cum shots to the grill messing up her hair with her own puke and then sitting there dazed eating the cock snot off her face with a spoon. Class! Watch the video here.

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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Moesha Gaggers Deepthroat Gag Abuse Spew On Multiple Cocks Video

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Moesha is back. This tatted up black bitch that obviously loves the Ghetto Gaggers style of fucking so much she came back for more of the same. This time around Moesha gladly takes it up the shitpipe and does an amazingly loud DP session with Moesha screaming so high pitched glass objects almost broke. Seriously this is another class Moesha ghettogaggers video and not one to overlook. Watch Moesha 2 at the ghetto gaggers face fuck frenzy here.

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Nasty Ghetto Hood Whore Ricki Rockit Gaggers Deep Throated Extreme Deepthroated Gag Puke Vid

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Ricki Rockit is rocking for fucking sure. This black bitch will do absolutely anything for cash and this is one fucked up ghettogaggers video. The crew at ghetto gaggers pull out all the stop with this whore and completely destroy her face and holes nothing held back for Ricki Rockit surely she will become a famous ghetto hoe and be in high demand after this. Watch Ricki Rockit rocking it here at the Ghetto Gaggers.

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Black Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Kailie Lee Gaggers Face Fucked Extreme Cock Gag Puke & Spew Free Movie

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Kailie Lee is a tasty little black Asian slut with a nice friendly attitude and that loves the cock! So with this in mind we watch the ghetto gaggers boys fuck up her day. Kailie Lee takes many cocks in all of her wet orifices up the ass and pussy and of course the cocks fuck her throat deep fast and hard and brutal facefucking is the result. Class ghettogaggers video that has it all a hot ebony hoe with a nice tight bod that will do the fucking lot every hole is open and ready for business. Watch the Kailie Lee Ghetto Gaggers video here.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ebony Ghetto Slut Caramel Dime Gaggers Deep Throating Abuse Spew Bukakke Facials Videos

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Classic video and will become a collectors item for sure. Caramel Dime is one in a million because she just loves everything the
Ghetto Gaggers boys throw at and up her. Her face is slapped to fuck she is spat on gags as cocks are rammed into her throat and pukes up all over herself from this. Tasty! On top of all this this black bitch loves the white cocks and cannot wait for the ball cement to be upon her face and drying out. This is another in the recent stock of gaggers videos to be added to the not to be missed list. Awesome Caramel Dime. Watch this bitch in action here.

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Nasty Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Cherise Roze Gaggers Throat Fucked Abuse Puke Cum Facial Video

Created By Throat Gag Hoe

Ghetto Gaggers
Cherise Roze delivered a solid scene her first time around, but it wasn’t as gross as I would have liked. She’s back and let me just say this… completely fucking disgusting!!! Cherise literally had puddles of barf all around her from the intense face fucking Bootleg delivered. There were times I had to turn my head or I was going to toss my cookies. When she slurped up about a gallon of her own stomach bile and spit it in the dog bowl, I nearly died. Seriously… Jimmy has a strong stomach but this shit was too fucking much! Afterward, we went all anal on this whore. For having a big booty, she can’t take hard cock up her shit shoot. She was screaming the blues as the white cock pounded her O ring. The grand finale? A massive puke pour on her fucking head!!!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Dirty Ghetto Hood Slut Gorgeous Gaggers Face Fucking Extreme Deepthroated Cock Gagging Video Download

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Gorgeous oh well ok then but not really. She is cute(ish) give that but Lacey Duvalle gorgeous she is not. Recently ghettogaggers have had some pigs so it is a nice change to see a bit of pretty fresh ghetto hoe meat. Gorgeous does all the usual shit that the black sluts at gaggers will do and then some. All of her holes are open season and she gets white cocks rammed into each and every one of them with force and meaning. Gorgeous gags of course and pukes up more than her weight and this is all we can expect of the Ghetto Gaggers to completely destroy the black bitches showing up for some easy cash dollar. Which it is not. Witness the Gorgeous destruction download here.

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Skank Ghetto Ho Hazel Deep Throat Fucked Gaggers Abuse Puke Cum Facial Vid

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What a fucking shame about Hazel and her first visit to the ghetto gaggers being a total washout. We get three whole minutes of hardcore Hazel doing her best to stay afloat amidst the barrage of abuse face slapping spitting and gagging on the determined white cocks punishing her holes and throat. Deepthroat she does a good impression but you can see she is out of her depth and departs with part of her fee and a whole new mindset on porn. Will she be back? Not a fucking hope. Enjoy this classy horny black bitch in her sweet short video here.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Horny Ghetto Bitch Jezabelle Gaggers Deepthroat Fucked Hardcore Spew Cumshot Facial Vid

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Jezabelle is a cheap street walking skank hoe and she turned up at the ghettogaggers expecting something very easy. Jezabelle thought she could breeze through the days planned events at the home of deepthroat and abuse otherwise known as the ghetto gaggers black whore destruction depot! No this is true Jezabelle will not be returning as this experience is not one she wants to repeat. The throat fucking was fine for her the puking over cocks was also doable and she took all the face slapping and the spitting in her stride. So why won’t she be back? Watch the video and maybe you will understand why. Do not miss this epic addition to the massive collection of black prostitute bitches being fucked up…
Ghetto Gaggers

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