Skank Ghetto Hood Slut Olivia Rain 2 Cock Gag Gaggers Excessive Vomiting Cum Gagging Movie Download

*Video:olivia rain 2 ghetto gaggers videos

Olivia Rain was here just over a week ago and got fucked up that time. This time with all the knowledge of what she hates and dislikes in sex this visit will be much more than hardcore. We have come to expect with the ghetto gaggers is that the second and consecutive visits will be harder and more insane than the previous session. Bring this shit on! Olivia Rain is double fucked this time around and spitting well she hates that shit so the boys make sure she is spat on like it was raining. Ewww! But shit yea she gets it hard as 2 cocks are ramming her throat passage with a vigour and energy like it was an Olympic medal at stake. In the final results the throat fuck bronze was won by Olivia Rain in this video as the bitch just seems to hate anything to do with sex. Olivia Rain will only return in the future if some other bitch drops out that’s for sure.
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Whore Olivia Rain Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Hard Puking On Many Cocks Movie

*Video:olivia rain ghetto gaggers vid

Olivia Rain is only 19 does not look it by the way and is more than capable to handle a cock deep deep down her throat. Olivia Rain it seems does not like sex too much which is not very weird for a street whore as maybe most hoes hate their job and wish for other skills to be doing something far more enjoyable better career prospects and a lot less cum…anyway back to Olivia Rain and her hatred of cock. Bootleg makes sure she gets her face filled with his dick and pushed it as far down her throat as it will go. It of course all goes in she gags a little but copes easily enough. But wait spitting well that winds her up no end and in an attempt to not ruin the video for you Olivia Rain just gets so riled up when she gets spat this video.
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Black Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Becca Lee Throat Fucked Gaggers Extreme Deepthroated Gag Choke Porn

*Video:becca lee ghetto gaggers vid

Becca Lee is very light for an ebony hood slut and apparently is of mixed Native and African decent. Nice tan she has though and taking cocks in all of her holes is most obviously her specialty! Double throat fucked gagging puking slapping and spitting is on her menu today. Becca Lee takes it all in her stride and possibly even secretly enjoyed all the abuse she received thinking it is some kind of penance for her chosen career path of being a street walking hoe. Fair enough and good game Ms Lee maybe we shall see Becca Lee back sometime in the near future. Her bald cunt was well and truly smashed and we loved it.
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Ebony Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Sharee 2 Deep Throated Gaggers Hardcore Deepthroated Choking Movie Download

*Video:sharee 2 ghetto gaggers movie

Sharee returned for a second slice of ghetto gaggers throat fuck and abuse pie. The first ‘piece of pie’ a few months back was nothing much to write home about so guessing this bitch thought it was to be as easy as her first scene. Oops! Mistake numero uno for Sharee as this got under the skin of stunt cock Pauly who decided to step it up a notch or three! Enter the new Sharee video part II and see just how fucked up pissed off and angry this bitch gets. Then comes the ‘I’m playing like a lump of lard’ whore’s trick like it means nothing do what you will. Watch this now for failsafe ‘money’s worth’ methods if a street walking skank pulls any of this shit on you…
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Black Ghetto Hood Slut Yummy 2 Gaggers Deep Throat Intense Vomit Cumshot Facial Video Download

*Video:yummy 2 ghetto gaggers video

Yummy is back for her second visit to the ghettogaggers but really who gives a shit if we are honest if the first video was anything to go by. However it is NOT as this video goes that one step beyond gross and abusive onto another planet of gross-ity-ness which is not a word but should be after this scene with a shit ton of belly funk pouring out of this whore almost it seems constantly. A cock goes in a funnel shaped jet of vomit shoots out. Yummy has made a collectable video at the gaggers this time round and if you like your shit gross and messy then this is one for you. Oh and she gets slapped to shit spat on and double throated and fucked just for good measure. Enjoy!
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