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Ebony Ghetto Hood Whore Mint Face Fuck Gaggers Severe Puking On White Cocks Video Download

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Mint has huge tits and a booty that is crying out to be fucked and of course the Ghetto Gaggers black slut throat fuck crew do just that and then some. Apparently this shoot took six hours to complete with the hard core deep throat and puking Mint was just not a happy hoodrat. Mint is forced to complete the video set whether she wanted to or not. She signed up for a job so is expected to complete it. This whore spews so much stomach mush as the cocks are rammed into her gullet she wants to tap out but she gets slapped to fuck until she behaves. This scene eventually works out and another classic movie is produced. Download the ghetto gaggers Mint video here.

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Dirty Ghetto Hoe Arbury Gaggers Deep Throat Gag Abuse Deepthroated Choke Movie Download

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Ghetto Gaggers
Arbury is back for nothing more than to collect another paycheck. Honestly, the only thing I remember about her first visit is that she had the most ridiculous ghetto braid weave. At least this time around she looked half way decent. She’s thin and pretty but heavily tatted. This time around, she works with Pauly Harker and David Loso. Both men stepped up and made her return uncomfortable. The slaps were hard, the cocks were big, the throat was small… do the math. There were a few times that her inner hood started to rear it’s ugly face, but it was quickly put in check. We don’t deal with bitchy attitudes… we correct them.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ghetto Slut Heaven Ebony Throat Gaggers Hardcore Video

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Ghetto Gaggers Heaven Cock Gagging Black Slut Cum Facial Video

Ghetto Gaggers

Heaven brings the hood with her to the Ghetto Gaggers set to film her face fuck, deep throat gag, puke, slap and spit episode. Bad move bitch. Immediately she gets pimp slapped and she is back in line. Let the games begin. More slapping, lots of spitting, cocks in her throat rotating like a cheap slut on a white cock spit, the ghetto gaggers crew turn up the heat and spit roast this ghetto hoe until the bukkake cum facials and the two white boys banging her cervix empty their nuts onto her grill, she aint a happy hood rat.

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Heaven Ghetto Gaggers

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Ghetto Whore Sierra Lynn Quick 5 Minutes Slap Gaggers Video

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Ghetto Gaggers Sierra Lynn Cock Gagging Black Slut Cum Facial Video
Ghetto Gaggers
Sierra Lynn

Sierra Lynn is destroyed within five minutes by the Ghetto Gaggers maniacs. After gently slapping this dumb ghetto street walking skanks face, she taps out and quits the shoot. This aint what she expected, she thought she could stamp her feet, spit out her dummy and them ghetto gaggers boys would snap to attention and let her do what she wanted, fuck that you dumb black bitch this the GhettoGaggers and what is with that stupid clown make-up? Seriously cheap looking ghetto ho.

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