Nasty Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Cherise Roze Gaggers Throat Fucked Abuse Puke Cum Facial Video

Ghetto Gaggers
Cherise Roze delivered a solid scene her first time around, but it wasn’t as gross as I would have liked. She’s back and let me just say this… completely fucking disgusting!!! Cherise literally had puddles of barf all around her from the intense face fucking Bootleg delivered. There were times I had to turn my head or I was going to toss my cookies. When she slurped up about a gallon of her own stomach bile and spit it in the dog bowl, I nearly died. Seriously… Jimmy has a strong stomach but this shit was too fucking much! Afterward, we went all anal on this whore. For having a big booty, she can’t take hard cock up her shit shoot. She was screaming the blues as the white cock pounded her O ring. The grand finale? A massive puke pour on her fucking head!!!
Ghetto Gaggers

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