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Amazing update this time starring a totally embarrassed to be puking all over the sofa – during the non-stop throat pummelling – some extra helpings of face slapping for some mild respite and constant spitting in her grill to contend with. Subservient and eager to pleasure you type of horny bitch – this gorgeous light-skinned hoodbooger hoe knocks it out of the park on this one. Deepthroating all the meat sticks shoved into her pie hole – no problemo Signorino – ‘shall I swallow your load sir?’ Well fuck me sideways and call me Shirley -I don’t mind if you do. More of this hoe please there just ain’t enough of this. We wish her to return for more soon if you don’t mind – thanks.

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Lipz Ahorror is very obedient it seems and does exactly what it says to do in the ‘Great Whore Protocols’ manual which she has learned by rote and does it show! Excellent video with all the usual suspects chiming in their 2c worth finishing off with the obligatory facial cumshots to the grille and all over her Irish jig. Lipz Ahorror yes it is a silly name but she does herself proud and surely will be welcomed back. Enjoy!

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This awesome looking ebony bitch Chellie Rain is back for more of the same facial abuse and double fucking of all of her holes – this time. The DP scene is one of the most intense ass fucking scenes ever filmed and we are positive you will blow your load within 30 seconds. Watch her video and see the pain and joy in this bitches face. It could only be at the ghettogaggers.Get Uncut Video
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Kayla Ivy sure is pretty for the usual run of the mill street walking bitch. Issues she has some yes but these were soon ironed out by the Ghetto Gaggers black slut throat fucking boys. The video mostly features Kayla Ivy having her shit pipe opened up and gaped a lot. Being as Kyla has only ever been fucked in the ass by one other guy in her life this is an experience she will not be forgetting any time soon. Two ebony booty crazed white dudes take turns in slamming their cock up her highway hard and fast gaping it wide open for all the world to drool over. Nice ass she has too. She pukes up her din-dins as she gets throat fucked in between the frenzied ass fucking. The finale is of course the obligatory facial cumming as three white guys empty out their porridge sacks all over her unhappy but nice looking face. Classic. Download the Kayla Ivy video at the ghetto gaggers here.
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Mystique is cute has a tight ebony booty and loves to take it in the ass. The Ghetto Gaggers boys facefuck her silly and make her puke all over the cocks forcing themselves down her tight throat. Ghetto gaggers Mystique barfed up her dinner and then she had her face shoved into the puke bowl. And more as the Ghetto Gaggers video with Mystique the worth less than just about nothing skank slut had the ass fucking and deep throat face fuck time of her life. Ghetto gaggers Mytique will be back for more and this is yet another classic addition to the ghettogaggers huge collection of black bitches being destroyed by white cocks.

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