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Marley Xxx has fans and she has been directed by her fanbase to go visit ghetto gaggers and here she is full of the joys of spring and ready to puke spit and be ragged silly by at least two white cocks. All holes are open for trade and if she had anything in her belly when she arrived it was not there when she left. The whole place was vommed-out with Marley Xxx innards. This is a continuation in the run of excellent videos of late at the gaggers shop of horrors and one not to be missed!

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Apparently, Hohawk isn’t as badass as her stupid mohawk and Doc Marten’s would lead you to believe. It took more time for this pig to do her hair than she spent swallowing Pauly Harker’s big white cock. On top of that, she told us that she was a correction’s officer who lost her job because she fucked an inmate. I mean, what the fuck??? A corrections officer? And you can’t handle a few slaps? Seriously… this skank did nothing more than waste all of our time. We fixed her though. We shaved her mohawk off and sent her bald ass home. Good riddance!
Ghetto Gaggers

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A total skank, obviously, but a smoking hot well fuckable black booty and body, Tatyonna wanders in off the street into the Ghetto Gaggers face fuck house of horrors and gets fucked upside her head for a few dollas! Tatyonna does not shave her twat and she hates sex! What a complete idiot! Don’t like sex, what the fuck is someone doing porn for? Whatever her reason for taking on the ghetto gaggers she makes a great facial abuse spit slapping cock gag puke and vomit on cock video worth adding to the impressive ghettogaggers videos collection.

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Kimber Lux is pretty that is a sure fact. The Ghetto Gaggers and Kimber Lux have a hard time together and the lame ass black whore cannot take the abuse the face fucking slapping spitting and all the usual shenanigans we are now used to at the Ghetto Gaggers throat fuck head quarters. After only 8 minutes and forty five seconds she quits the set takes her pro-rata’d deep throat cash payment and food stamps then fucks off back to the street to earn some more easy cash punting her cunt to the useless fat and bald twats driving by the ghetto. Total shame as Kimber Lux is smoking fucking hot and surely would have made a great adddition to the endless line of tasty black hoes who become ghetto gagged

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Victoria Smiles is one fine looking black ghetto bitch that can take all the beatings and abuse the Ghetto Gaggers can inflict. Puke, say that again PUKE she pukes like a gusher on speed, man she fills the fucking place with her vomit and bile. The cleaners were there all night after this slut painted the fucking place with the contents of her stomach. The ghetto gaggers boys make her pay for this by slapping a ton of cracka cock glue all in her stupid ghetto hoes face. Nice video.

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Victoria Smiles Ghetto Gaggers

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