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Scarlet Ray

Scarlet Ray is smoking hot and not one of the usual Ghetto Gaggers skanks desperate for cash but a fine looking slut without the sass. Scarlet Ray of course does not like the abuse she has to endure for the cash monies and she absolutely did not enjoy puking all over herself almost constantly as the white cock is being rammed into her throat. Slapping she does not apppreciate being slapped but for her first time at the ghetto gaggers has made a great impression. Will she come back for seconds? Only time will tell. Watch Scarlet Ray here.

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Porsha Star
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Porsha Star is amazing at swallowing nut loads of creamy white cracka cream, in fact this bitch is so cool and so down with all the abuse that goes with the cum swallowing video, that is to follow, the ghetto gaggers certainly know how to find these black bitches that will do literally, ANYTHING for hard cash Dollar. Watch another classic episode in the ghetto gaggers impressive collection of smoking hot black bitches face fucked abused and covered in white mans jizz.

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Nettie is smoking fucking hot that is for sure. Ghetto Gaggers Nettie has a fine tight black booty and glove-like black pussy, which is totally destroyed by the Ghetto Gaggers white cocks. She don’t like it and lets them know, tough shit bitch you need the cash and this is what black skank hoes have to do to get the money to pay for their habit. Nettie quits the ghettogaggers scene early and takes a reduction in her fee. Another classic ghetto gaggers video that is not to be missed.

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