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Double blowjobs pussy slamming ass fucking ass splitting puking slapping spitting in the face cocks in the throat choking. Rinse and repeat. This is the whole scene script and it worked like a charm. Another fine looking slut begging to be abused and throat fucked at the ghettogaggers again here today. No sass no shit attitude shenaningans – kneel down get face fucked gag and puke on the cocks in her mouth. She simply bends over takes the cocks in the money holes then picks up her payment after cleaning off the cock glue dried to her face and forehead of course. In essence she plain old got the job done.
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Kiianna Cox arrives at the gaggers with a shit load of emotional baggage and who gives a shit about some street walking slut’s sad life story. The Ghetto Gaggers crew most certainly do not and in fact face fuck the shit out of this bitch as someone looking for sympathy while asking for cash in exchange for their holes and sexual services is not someone that deserves any in the first place. On to the video and all the usual insane throat fucking slapping and a ton of spitting and barfing later Kiianna Cox is sitting in a puddle of her own puke covered in white mans cannon glue feeling a lot worse than when she arrived. Epic!

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It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t complete this scene because Crave is a good bitch. She showed up ready to handle business. It was unpleasant but she didn’t utter a peep from her dirty whore mouth. She just did what she was told to do. However, we had to stop. I won’t go into details because it’s none of your fucking business but trust me when I say that I wish we could have continued. I imagine the scene would have been epic. Sadly, we’re left with only a snippet of footage of another basic whore getting her world rocked by Bootleg and Pauly Harker. Don’t believe me? Watch her get the loads on her face… look at the sadness. That’s reality TV right there. You can’t fake that type of sorrow.
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Summer Knight looks and sounds like she comes from a privileged life. Of course, there’s a white man involved. And, of course… she’s fucking him over by doing this porn behind his back. It’s one thing to sneak off and have a one night stand, it’s another to chug down two cocks on video, barf all over yourself and get slapped around like a cheap whore behind the back of the one you supposedly devoted your life to. That is why Jimmy will never get married. Bitches are too scandalous for me. Let’s get to the action… Summer, for being a complete newbie, did really well. She was obviously trained to be a submissive bitch. She took the cocks all the way to the balls. She kept her thoughts to herself and she let the boys do whatever the fuck they wanted. Is a porn career for her? I couldn’t care less… We did, however, use up this chick to her full potential.
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Jacqui Banks is hot and she can swallow the cock, make no mistake and white cock, she just fucking loves it. Puke, nope, gag, nope, just deepthroat and lots of it, hell yea. The Ghetto Gaggers Jacqui Banks video is a top class affair and the Ghetto Gaggers boys outdo themselves again, with a fine black slut that loves to deep throat the cock. The bukkake cumshots facials are awesome too and Jacqui Banks at the ghettogaggers face fuck house looks pleased with herself and a face load of ghetto gaggers pearly white ball paste.

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