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This big bitch loves to eat the sausages stuffed in to her face here today. Swallow ’em up and begs for more. ‘Please let me have the sauce too’ she pleads with an absolutely convincingly begging for cock type of look as she gets double fucked slapped and spat on. Enough is not enough for this hoe and begs for fruit and veg to be added to her feast of dick. Stuffed full of cucumber and this bitch is getting her daily intake vitamin D and veg in buckets. If you like your bitches on the hefty side and taking on all comers in all holes available then this is a video for you to not miss. Classic gaggers.

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Oh man what a class act Astaris Borne truly is. She arrived thinking this was gonna be a big picnic and thought that the
Ghetto Gaggers black whore deep throating demons were gonna buy her some ice-cream or something. Hell no! But what did happen was Astaris Borne (cool name – lol) swallowed all of them there white boys meat sticks whole and did a fucking awesome job of it too. She receives all the normal slapping and spitting and finishes off of course with the multiple cum shots to the grill messing up her hair with her own puke and then sitting there dazed eating the cock snot off her face with a spoon. Class! Watch the video here.

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Summer Knight looks and sounds like she comes from a privileged life. Of course, there’s a white man involved. And, of course… she’s fucking him over by doing this porn behind his back. It’s one thing to sneak off and have a one night stand, it’s another to chug down two cocks on video, barf all over yourself and get slapped around like a cheap whore behind the back of the one you supposedly devoted your life to. That is why Jimmy will never get married. Bitches are too scandalous for me. Let’s get to the action… Summer, for being a complete newbie, did really well. She was obviously trained to be a submissive bitch. She took the cocks all the way to the balls. She kept her thoughts to herself and she let the boys do whatever the fuck they wanted. Is a porn career for her? I couldn’t care less… We did, however, use up this chick to her full potential.
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Fabree is amazing and makes her cheap ghetto ass hole wide open and available for our delight and for the whole night at the Ghetto Gaggers black whore pussy and ass hammering hotel. Fabree is interestd in going further in porn and wishes to make her ebony pussy and ass a ‘brand’ or some other inane shit where she gets an idea like is this is unknown. The Ghetto Gaggers show Fabree the real deal and make her puke up her guts on several occasions. Her ass is gaped and split to fuck Holland Tunnel wide open as the line of cocks pounds away at her innards. Classic gaggers and not be missed.

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Ivy Bleu got a hot booty and the Ghetto Gaggers destroy it. Ghetto Gaggers Ivy Bleu is hot that is for sure she looks a class higher than the average street walking skank but can she fucking puke! Ivy Bleu with them big old titties takes it all no complaining and makes a great job of being fucked up ghettogagger style!. She got two Ghetto Gaggers cocks teaming her face ass ebony pussy and don’t stop until she is covered in puke bile and spit. She loved it and Ivy Bleu will be back for more at ghettogaggers soon that is a sure fact.

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