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Another black hoe learned good and proper – taught on how the art of deep throat and obedience is of utmost importance in the porn-making world. Yup this bitch gets a good learning and is shown how to behave during a porn shoot. Often sluts who visit the gaggers couch of despair are well-versed in the art of behaving badly – avoiding actually doing the job they are being paid to do. Not today. Top class video is made here today with a bitch that is willing to be schooled on deepthroat and pliability. Great video three loads to the face and she is set.

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Araya Sunshine

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A’raya Sunshine stupid name but hey it is porn and this the gaggers stock in trade stupid hoes with silly made-up names. We love it. A’raya has a great deepthroat game and loves being out of her depth with cocks making her gag and spew. Being spat on and slapped however is not on her list of likes and she loses the plot momentarily until she gets slapped back down to earth. Attitude-a-plenty equals slappity slap-a-hoy and there there that’s better Araya Sunshine is more pliable and throat fuckable. Top class video to be added to the keepables. A second helping of A’raya Sunshine is unlikely however. Shame.

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Chellie Rain first time at the gaggers and fuck what a mess she is at first sight. Lol seriously this bitch had messy hair a 3 day growth and fluffy legs! 🙂 But eww anyway let’s move onto the fucking and gagging. Absolute star in that department with not a whimper or complaint Chellie Rain went about her business with the utmost professionalism. Surely that will warrant a return of course it fucking will wait for the next installment real soon. Chellie Rain get fucked up while on a train….oh was that out loud?

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Aryana Starr

Aryana Starr was first at Ghetto Gaggers three years ago and she has decided to come back, this being her farewell to straight porn, apparently. But did she regret being back. Within two minutes of having her face full of cock she whimpering and wishing she had never come back to the ghettogaggers throat fuck house of horror and abuse. Top class spitting, slapping, gagging and of course the incessant puking as the cocks are rammed into her throat, she took the fucking lot even if she was as miserable as fuck while doing it. The choking on cock noises are particularly memorable and this will surely become an all-time favourite of ghetto gaggers videos aficionados.

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