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Mocha Sinn is a cute looking slut that can take any amount of abuse the ghetto gaggers crew throw in her direction. Mocha Sinn gets her throat fucked deeply then she pukes up her belly contents with two huge eruptions of deep stomach bile and puke. She gets slapped about a bit and double penetrated and loves it all whilst almost begging for more. Mocha Sinn seems to enjoy being treated like the street walking whore she is and does not make a complaint as two cocks are raging in her holes and throat. Classic ghettogaggers. Download the Mocha Sinn Ghetto Gaggers Video here.
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Diva was one of the first to be filmed by the Ghetto Gaggers crew way back in 2004 when the scenes were all shot in a sleazy hotel room. 18 years old Diva is hot that’s for sure and appears to enjoy getting her holes filled with white poles. The parts she does not seem to take to are the brutal face fucking spitting in her grill and the slapping she just cannot cope with. The last part of the video is the ultimate in degradation where we see three white dudes emptying their porridge pouches all over her grimacing unhappy face. Download the whole uncensored Diva at ghettogaggers video here.
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Dimples with a great body and the Ghetto Gaggers boys delight in fucking up her shit once again. She has her wet black holes double penetrated simultaneous ebony booty and pussy fucked as usual all the facec fucking and puke over cocks as is now the norm with the Ghetto Gaggers crew on a mission of ghetto slut destruction. Top video not to be overlooked.

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Ella a horny ebony slut the Ghetto Gaggers boys truly destroy. Ella will never forget the experience of being ghetto gagged and this is yet another excellent Ghetto Gaggers video. Ella is a skinny black hoe and this is her first exploration into real hardcore facial abuse deep throat cock gag puke porn. This cute ebony princess slut is trying her utmost to stay afloat during all the spitting slapping and gagging on cocks being rammed into her throat at a rate of knots. She tries valiantly but you can just see it is beyond her pay grade the degradation really tests her metal and at times it looks like Ella will tap out. She perseveres and continues on in the face of pure throat annihilation. If you never see another porn video you do not want to miss this flick.

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Unique Suitra brand new to porn. She arrived all full of it and looking forward to being truly fucked up by the white cocks belonging to the Ghetto Gaggers throat fuck cock choking crew and did they fuck this bitch up. Puke spit and bile was pouring in jets out of this black sluts face. Unique Sutra and ghettogaggers make her asshole into a new shape as two cocks are pounding all of her tight holes in yet another Ghetto Gaggers classic. Unique was totally fucked and was left sitting there in a pile of her own puke gobs of spit and a face load of white dudes nut gloop.

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