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A fine looking hoe turned up today and was fucked upside her head good and proper. Let me tell you how the story pans out. A street walking skank shows up expecting an easy ride – believing it would be a short session of blow jobs and maybe a quick fuck with a mild mannered John who is a bit lax in the domination department – a guy that is happy and grateful to be allowed to just cum accepting some bitches’ righteous bullshit.
Not what happened here. All the slapping spitting face fucking throat gargling and choking on cocks noises are for real. This bitch was outclassed and shown a ‘good’ time for sure. Will she be back? Who the fuck cares. Enjoy!

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Deseray Love is back for another helping of the Ghetto Gaggers black slut gullet fucking and puke inducing hardcore deep throating. Deseray Love was tubbier in the first session and this time round has shed some pounds even if her tits have got bigger and this bitch is a leaner tighter looking hoe she is still fucking useless at deep throating the cock. Puke vomit spit and bile abound as the Ghetto Gaggers slap the shit out of Deseray Love and fuck her wet ebony holes good and proper. We are sure she will be back but do we want to see her again? Check out the Ghetto Gaggers Deseray Love video below.

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Latrice is a smoking hot babe with a fine ebony booty and does she like the white cocks fucking her face, course she fucking does. The Ghetto Gaggers boys bring it large and this black bitch is handling it all so well, until they gang that bitches wet black holes. Two white cocks fucking her tight ebony pussy and ass at the same time and in rotation. Top ghetto gaggers video once again with a hot black bitch thats ‘Lovin It’ up the shit pipe and vag. She finishes the scene with a brutal multi cock bukkake scene, multiple nut loads of white mans cock muck dripping down her face, then drying out and cracking up, she is a mess. Awesome.

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