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A well paid blonde ebony skank gets fucked upside her head and loves every fucking second of it. Non-stop slobber bile and vomit seeping from this bitches pie hole as her throat was rained down by white cock with the sole intention of fucking up her day. It almost succeeded too but fortunately this hoe is a professional and knows when to keep her sass to herself. Hats off to this bitch she slams it home hard on this one and makes an unforgettable video. Finale facial scene was awesome. A face full of cum covered in nasty spew spit and bile time to go see ya next time bitch! Cool.

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Cool big and bouncy ebony bitch taking the white cocks down her throat with ease. This hoe is hungry for dick make no mistake this aint gonna be a sassin’ n’ a cussin’ video this is out and out pure cock gagging choking noises cocks sloshing down a bitches gullet as her grill gets a slapping spat on and all of her business holes ragged to fuck. Great scenes and ending with an intense cum facial scene that she was just so eagerly waiting for. All this hardcore shit and the bitch wants to return for another session soon. Who are we to argue with that? Excellent.

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A street walking skank with big tits mad hair and the right ‘tude to take on the gaggers crew. She is a pliable submissive and willing bitch – so a good omen for an awesome video? Yup it is just that. No messing with this hoe she puts in the work and gets a good result. The throat fucking is amazing she does toss her cookies a lot she loses her calm before turning into a freaked out whore but when the penny dropped that nobody gives a fuck what she wants it was normal service resumed and all was well.

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Mint has huge tits and a booty that is crying out to be fucked and of course the Ghetto Gaggers black slut throat fuck crew do just that and then some. Apparently this shoot took six hours to complete with the hard core deep throat and puking Mint was just not a happy hoodrat. Mint is forced to complete the video set whether she wanted to or not. She signed up for a job so is expected to complete it. This whore spews so much stomach mush as the cocks are rammed into her gullet she wants to tap out but she gets slapped to fuck until she behaves. This scene eventually works out and another classic movie is produced. Download the ghetto gaggers Mint video here.
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Ashley Starr is a really huge body building black bitch and fucking loves to chomp down on the white Ghetto Gaggers cocks at the ebony whore deepthroat gullet fucking cock gag and puke destruction department of cock-ection. The Ghetto Gaggers video team with Ashley Starr make a classic facial abuse and ghettogaggers video of epic proportions to match this statuesque black bitch and boy does she get fucked upside her head and then some. Watch the video and the final bukkake cumshot facials scene we are amazed at the heights the ghettogaggers boys go to to entertain us. A video creation of the highest excellence do not miss it.

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